Closing Edwardsville Real Estate

The Day You Go To Closing

You have been through shopping & touring homes for sale in
the Edwardsville real estate market, Have an accepted contract,
conducted all the inspections, went through the loan
process & obtained approval...

Now it's time for CLOSING.


The closing process consists of several documents.
The Loan Package, Deed, Settlement Statement (HUD-1) etc.

You show up at the title co. You will meet your real estate agent,
your loan officer and the closing officer.

You have brought with you:
Picture ID.
Proof of Home Owners Insurance.
Termite Inspection.
Funds (money) in the form of a Cashiers Check made payable to
(in the amount located on the HUD-1.)

The buyer & sellers are sitting in separate rooms. Usually the
loan officer sits down & will have you sign the loan package.
(this will take 45-60 minutes) I will leave the room at this
time to respect your financial privacy. Then the closing officer
will enter the room, have you sign the deed & other legal documents.

Then you will actually sign the HUD-1. Hopefully you had a
chance to review it, the closing table is NO PLACE to see it
for the first time. If you have reviewed it, take a look and
browse over it again, MAKE SURE nothing has changed...
HUD-1's are frequently revised and it's also a good time
for some lenders to insert last minute junk fees.

[Look Below @ Some Mistakes I Have Found On HUD's]

Once you have signed it's final...

Then, for the most part, the closing is over. You'll meet the
sellers, (if they're in town) and receive keys / garage door
remotes. (depending on the day you take possession)

information approx, based on personal experience, all situations vary...
content is author's opinion only.

This Is An Actual Closing I Managed Recently...
The Buyer Was Thinking She Would Be Closing For Approx. $500...

The First HUD Statement Came In Around 9AM, I Reviewed It & Noticed It Required
Her To Submit $7420.42...

[Line # 303]

Edwardsville Real Estate Closing

After Contacting The Title Company, We Received "A Revised" HUD...
This Time For $500... They NEVER Come In @ An Even Dollar Figure, With No Cents...

Edwardsville Real Estate ClosingThen, At Last It Changed Again To $420.42...
Because, I Had Also Contacted The Lender...

Edwardsville Real Estate HYDTitle Companies & Lenders Make Mistakes...
A "Part-Time" Real Estate Agent May Have Never Caught This...

Look @ Line # 603, The Sellers Amount Changed From $36,679.25 To $30,179.75
Never Trust Anyone With Your Money...

I Rest My Case...