Edwardsville Home Inspection

Edwardsville Home Inspection

A few years ago, I was watching Barbara Walters on her television show
20 / 20.

They were doing a show on Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents located on the East coast.

I was all to familiar with what they were reporting & covering, I have seen the
same situation going on here in the Edwardsville real estate market.

Here's the story...

Home inspectors for the most part rely on real estate agents to send them
business. Unless you look in the phone book to find your own, you'll use the
inspector recommended by your agent.

Home inspectors usually don't want to make the agent mad, so they go easy
on the inspection, just to keep the "deal together".

The home inspectors with a so called bad-reputation will not get calls from
the agents. However, that inspector was just doing his job. So most inspectors
end up "selling-out-the-buyer". Only to cater to the real estate agent.

The fact is: Most agents want to control how the inspections are conducted...
They're out for the buck.

Now , I'll kind of change the subject...

I, personally have noticed inexperienced, or incompetent home inspectors
out there as well. Several people have noticed that it's a money-making
business. A home inspection will cost anywhere from $150 to $450.

OK, after noting all that, now I will make my recommendation to you as
far as the home inspectors I am impressed with...

Goshen Inspection Service 618-459-3437
[Edwardsville Home Inspector]

NPI Inspections 618-635-8724
[Edwardsville Home Inspector]

Metro East Home Inspection (618) 304-3465
[Edwardsville Home Inspector]

Accurate Home Inspections LLC. 618-451-2833
[Edwardsville Homes Inspector]

(You can call anyone you'd like out of the yellow pages, but remember,
you do not have the insight, and may choose one of these "good-ole-boys")

If you ever do a Edwardsville home inspection and the agent is present for the entire inspection, there could be a conflict on interest going on. Or If The Seller Is Following You Around...

It's good only if the buyer & inspector is present ONLY.
(Edwardsville Home Inspections can take up to 3 hours. it's not mandatory you be there, but by all means... very important you are.)

I look at it this way... You're not hiring me to inspect your next Edwardsville house,
your hiring a inspector, it's his show, not mine. All I want is to see the
results and then deal with them.

all info. on this page is the opinion of author, reader must consider facts for

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