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The first place most people start would be in various printed publications such as Edwardsville newspapers & Edwardsville homes for sale magazines.

The problem I have always had with newspaper ads is they are usually two weeks behind. Some Real Estate offices have this down to an art, they will put out a full page ad with color pictures, give a poetic description, no address, maybe 3 lines of text and the office phone number.

Suddenly after you called you find out the agent working the floor call sometimes cares more about getting your information than giving you information which you requested. The fact of the matter here is to just give you enough information to get their phone to ring. It works for them. You don't know it but you are being worked over...manipulated.

Here is a possible example...
Let's say Agent-Suzie answers the phone when you call in. The broker's listings are coded into numbers. You ask for a yz-3875. Agent-Suzie puts you on hold for about 2.5 minutes, comes back after realizing it's not her listing she tells you it's sold, but she has a listing in the same price range... then offers to show it to you. You tell her that you just want to drive-by and if you're interested you'll call back for an appointment. (She is worried that someone else will get the call and she misses out.) So then she goes in to her canned script requesting your name & number once again.

How can you gain any information on a property with a system that's designed to work for the office, not you. Nothing but outdated, leftover, hard to sell or sold coded properties, and a hassle from the agent to find that out. What a way to shop.

Just a few short years ago that is all we had to use. Thank God we now have the internet. On this web site, you are able to view full version spec sheets selected specifically by you.

There are other sites however that keep out dated, unavailable properties on their sites to guess what... get you to call in. The same old trick that they use in the newspaper ads. It makes their inventory look bigger and keeps you on their site longer. Even with the technology we have these days, they still play the old game. Buyers are more educated than that these days. And that also keeps them coming back to my site.

This site was designed to enable you to review available properties in real time. Know everything there is to know short of touring the property in person.

If you're local in the area, just print out the spec sheets of interest, do your drive-bys, then call us to set up a tour. That simple... No agent until you want one, you are being provided information by a real estate agent by using this site...

If you're from out of state, (call me and I will get you additional digital pictures via email.) it's the next best thing to being here. Feel free to contact me 618.656.8282 and I will tell you anything you wish to know about the area and types of housing, what's hot & not...

By-Pass other agents when shoping Edwardsville homes for sale, take advantage of the services Metro MLS Realty LLC has to offer, call Brad Wallace if you have any questions and when you want to see any properties...

Information contained on this page is author's opinion only.

Touring Homes In Edwardsville, IL.

Touring Edwardsville IL. Real Estate - Homes For Sale

I will help you look out for the following list below. You will be looking to see if you want to live there, I cannot make that decision, nor will I, you'll have to let me know... I am concerned about condition & functionality.
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