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Choose An Agent, Then Choose A Edwardsville Home For Sale... Not The Other Way Around.

Most People Don't Like Pushy Sales People, So They Avoid Working With An Agent Until They Find A Edwardsville House For Sale . Then They Work With The Agent Connected With That House. The Right House Purchased Through The Wrong Agent Can Cost You. There Are A lot Of Incompetent And / Or Un-Ethical Agents Out There & Out For Themselves...

If An Agent Knows You Are Working With Several Agents, They Will Try To Sell Fast, While You Are To Be Had. It's Wise To Find One Agent You Like & Trust, Then Stick With Them...

You Will Be Touring Several Houses In Edwardsville , After Spending Time With An Agent, You Will "Get To Know Them" In Other Words, Know If You Trust Them Or Not. If An Agent Tries To "Hard Sell You" On Every House They Show You, Get Some One Else. Or, I don't Care If The Agent Is The Most Well Meaning Person You Have Ever Met, If The Are "New To The Business, Consider Going Elsewhere.

Listen Carefully To Everything Said, Remember As Well. Make Sure Nothing You Were Told Changes... (Not Everything Is In Writing)

Watch Out For We Have A Friend In The Business Or Your Co-Worker's Wife, Relatives & An Agent From Church... Business Is Business! Some Sales People Seem Not To Work At Their Best When They Know They Can Be A Little Lazy And Get Away With It. When They Can Put You Off Until It's Convenient For Them.

As I Said, Business Is Business... Why Mix Friendships With Your Business. Avoid Most Part Time Agents As Well, With Another Full Time Job, A Family, You Will Not Be Their Priority. Another Buyer With A Diligent Agent Will Purchase The House You Have Been Waiting For.

Some Real Estate Offices Are Geared To Recruit As Many Agents As Possible. Brokers Know The Agents Who Come On Board Will Only Last A Short Time. They Let These Agents Loose On The Public, And Maybe You.

Watch Out For Agents Who Will Only Show You Their Own Or Their Offices Inventory. They Should Expose You To The Entire Multiple Listing Service, Giving You Your Best Options...

Every Property Has Negatives... EVERY. You Should Be Told Good & Bad, Then Make your Choice. Sales People Tend To Only Amplify The Good Points.

It's Good To Meet The Sellers, But Only To Satisfy Your Curiosity, Keep Business, Business... Listen & Keep Quiet.

Drive The Neighborhood, Spend Some Time Out There.. You Will Notice Good Things & Bad Things You Missed When You Toured The House.

Open Houses In Edwardsville : Go to them, you may find your house that way, but doubtful. Agents hold open houses to meet buyers. Tour the house and either tell them you are working with an Agent or tell them you have bad credit, then they will leave you alone and allow you to tour the house. Never give them your contact information unless you want calls from 5 or 6 different agents that following week.

Once you're under contract to purchase, hire a professional Inspector to review the house. Don't let your un-employed dead-beat brother-in-law who knows a lot about construction conduct your inspection...

When you're down in the basement, look for signs of water.. If you see boxes on the concrete floor, chances are the basement is dry. If you see boxes placed on dunnage (2x4's) chances are they get water.

Check for squeaks in the floor, I usually find them in front of the kitchen sink, down hallways and at the foot of the bed.

Always, when touring a house, look at the grocery-run... From the garage to the Kitchen. Bi-Level homes have two sets of steps to get up the Kitchen.

Those With The Gold Rule... You, As The Buyer Have The $GOLD$... Nobody Gets Paid Until You Bring The $GOLD$, To Closing... Think About That.

Some real estate agents make home buyers pay a fee up front that does not even guarantee them anything. The fee is just a guarantee for the agent that the buyer is now
committed to buying a house through them. Never pay an agent up front...

When an agent shows you an appraisal sitting on the kitchen table, Left there by the seller for you to review, don't put too much faith in it. What if the sellers just took out of those 125% loans? And the house had to appraise out for that amount? A homeowner can buy any appraisal he needs for any purpose... Most appraisals are only to satisfy the loan.


"Edwardsville's Best Kept Secret"
If it's such a good secret, why do I know about it? Why has it
been in the Homes Magazine for 6 months?

"Hurry, won't last at this price!"
Yeah, you mean it won't sell at this price.

Biggest complaint of online home classifieds Stale listings. A house sold months ago can still be listed on the web site. Sometimes real estate agents are guilty. This is particularly a problem on sites where houses are for sale and Brokers don’t go back to remove the listings. Some sites have photos, some don't. Often you’ll get a spec sheet on a house, and you’ll often see most of the fields describing bedrooms, view, the amenities, the homeowner association information, etc., are left blank. The seller’s listing agents sometimes don’t take the time to enter enough data about the house to allow you to make any kind of decision about wasting your time to look at it. Perhaps that’s just how they want it.

Soaker-Tub means you are about ready to get short-changed out of a Jett-Tubb.

Often times the listing Real Estate Agent uses too much poetic license and embellishes the description of the house. In one case I noticed the listing described "hardwood floors", but it was cheap plastic imitation wood, only in one room. Don't believe anything until you see it in person.

Print AdverTEAZEment
Ever call off an ad in or from a printed publication only to find
out it's sold? (not to mention how many time you were put on hold?)
Could it be that you fell for the Bait?

The houses in the picture ads never look the same in real life...
Shop online, then do drive bys.

The best time to buy a house is...
Most people buy a house in the summer time, because they have kids and that's the best time to make a clean break from the old house and into a new one before the school season starts. But it's the worst time for you to get a good deal because that's when demand is at its peak. Chances are you'll face more competition for the same house in the summertime than you will in the winter. Most people don't pack up in the middle of Christmas and move to another home. Sellers trying to unload their home in December will have a real tough time of it, especially if there is snow, and you need to exploit those opportunities. I would bet that you'll get some really good deals around Christmas time, because no one is looking at houses then.

Don't trust the seller's "termite report". Several homes have
had termites. It's just a matter of how much infestation
there was. Get your own report. If they tell you they are on
a contract, they have had termites...

Don't overlook Homeowners Association (HOA) dues!
Check for homeowner association dues, how much they are, and if
there are any assessments coming up. Also check out the rules...

Look out for water drainage in newer subdivisions, when it
rains, homeowners are stuck with the problem, the developer
is long gone with the money.

Pay extra attention to the rear corners of walk-out basements
for washout.

Take a look at the driveway pitch, You do not want water
flowing into the garage.

Houses To Avoid:

Backed up to a shopping center or land that is zoned for business.

Backed up to a street with lots of traffic. You'll hear it at night.

Houses that have any kind of flat roof, for example on a room addition.

The biggest, most expensive house on the block.

Next door to a renter. Renters treat the house and yard poorly.

A house with chipped paint, loose siding or a damaged roof.

Be careful with block basements next to driveways between houses.

In an area that puts your kid in a bad school, or far from their school.

In a noisy area like an airport or other industrial area.

In a high crime area, that you would have to drive through get home.

In a neighborhood with high homeowners association maintenance fees.

In an area prone to flooding. Visit the house when it's raining.

A house with only one bathroom. It's very difficult to resell.

In or near a high traffic area.

Neighborhoods with no code enforcement: boats, commercial vans, etc.

A house with no central air conditioning Or 60 Amp. Service.

A newer house without a fireplace.

On a steep hill. Or a steep driveway.

Overpriced "premium lots. If you can't get a decent price, don't buy.

Only has a one car garage or a carport. These will be hard to sell.

In a neighborhood where property values have not increased much.

You don't want a house with a tiny master bedroom or tiny closets.

A weird architectural design that you'll have a hard time selling later.

Any house on a slab or crawl space.

Close to the beginning of the block. You'll get all the traffic.

The lot that gets headlights of all the cars turning onto the street at night.

Corner lot near the entrance to your street. You'll get tracks in your lawn.

On a street that's hard to get in and out of, i.e., standing traffic.

On a golf course. Expect broken windows. Some people love it, some don't.

Types of new construction

Spec Homes
Good deals can be had here! The clock is ticking on the builder, because
they are paying for the loans they took out to build the house. The longer
the house sits vacant, the more it costs the seller in interest. Because of
this, generally the further along the construction is, the better deal you
can negotiate. One negative of buying a spec home is that depending on
how far along the construction is, you may be locked out of choices,
colors, options, etc.

Since, with a spec home, the construction is well under way, the time you
will have to wait for the home to be ready is greatly reduced. You don't
have to wait for plans to be drawn up, permits to be issued or construction
to begin.

Prices for homes should always lower at pre-construction. The Builder has
not yet paid out any interest. But agents and builders might take you down
to show you a completed / sold floor plan and even might tell you the price
is higher...This is a little trick of the trade that buyers have no clue about.
The earlier in the project you buy, the lower the price should be. It's in
the builders best advantage for you not to know this... look at the extra
money he is making off you...

I have seen builders brag over how much money they have made off buyers.
I have also seen their settlement statements at closing. Once, I noticed a
builder making $60,000! Do you think your going to save money going
directly through a builder? Then think about this:

I Once Noticed...

You go to a builders office, he quotes you a price for a specific floor plan.
No agents involved, no one to help you shop the bid... Then about a week
after you sign the papers, you take your in-laws through an open house
(the same floor plan as yours, that they forgot to take you through)
listed through a Real Estate Broker and the asking price is less than you
paid for yours... I always laugh when I hear a sales girl working for the
builder telling customers "We do not charge a sales commission." Well, I
guess you could call it just an overhead added to the price to pay her
Salary & Benefits... Builders are sales-people too. don't forget it...


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