Touring Edwardsville Real Estate

Touring Edwardsville IL. Real Estate - Homes For Sale

I will help you look out for the following list below. You will be looking to see if you want to live there, I cannot make that decision, nor will I, you'll have to let me know... I am concerned about condition & functionality.

(I Am NOT A Home Inspector, Although I've Been Around For A Long Time, And Can Help You... But, Get A HOME INSPECTION.)

1. Stand from the house you are considering. Look at roof, gutters, condition of trees, houses on both sides, Garage door.

2. We will walk up and look for settlement & cracks in the flat work (side walks, steps and drive way) We also want to see how steep the driveway is. Look at the condition of the landscaping.

3. We will walk around the house to observe:
Windows, siding, storm doors, cracks in foundation / brick, Paint condition,
downspouts & drainage, fences & lot layout, What's adjoining the rear of lot.

4. Now we will go in through the front door.
Smell... Then look at the carpet / hard surface flooring. Walls & ceilings. Paint. Kitchen Cabinets & Counter-Tops & Sink. Appliances. Bathrooms, cleanliness of bath tub & shower. Loose handrails. Light Fixtures.

5. Take note of room sizes & closets.

6. Basement; Smell... we are looking for H20.
Look to see if they are storing goods right on floor, or if up on slats. H20 stains... Block or poured foundation, Block basements tend to leak, but can be water proofed. Look for cracks in walls & floors. Look in the sump for water & clarity of water if any. Age of furnace & H20 heater.
Electrical panel & wiring. Plumbing leaks Lead piping (waste drainage). Windows.

This in no way takes the place of an Inspection.

Information contained on this page is author's opinion only.

Edwardsville Home Inspection

Edwardsville Home Inspection

A few years ago, I was watching Barbara Walters on her television show 20 / 20.
They were doing a show on Home Inspectors & Real Estate Agents located on the East coast.

I was all to familiar with what they were reporting & covering, I have seen the same situation going on here in the Edwardsville real estate market. Here's the story...
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